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The main condition for harmonious self-awareness, successful relationships, and the fulfillment of a woman’s cherished desires is self-love, self-respect, and developed self-esteem. This article will discuss how to achieve this for a woman.

How can a woman love herself?
How to feel worthy?
How to cultivate self-esteem?
How do you feel this taste of self-love?
The main problem is that it’s hard to remember the taste of pineapple if you’ve never tasted it. Many women, of course, manage to get off the ground. Say to yourself in front of the mirror, “I love you.” Buy yourself a beautiful dress, instead of a spare part for a car, go to a beautician, a masseur … But these are all half measures that do not give the most important thing – a persistent sense of self, I emphasize, a persistent, constant, every second feeling of your value, when you no longer remember, you do not know, you don’t feel that it could be otherwise.

I invite women to cultivate a sense of self-love by imagining themselves as a flower.
Flowers are very different. From unpretentious black shaves to collectible orchids. Who you are? How do you feel? What kind of flower are you? Florists have a concept – unpretentious, that is, they sowed where they had to, the rain poured, grew, bloomed, trampled, he recovered, blooms again. Just happiness for a florist. But no one cherishes such a flower. Dried up – nothing, I’ll show more next year. And they are not grown in greenhouses. Yes, and in a bouquet, say, santbrinkas, no one will take, there are more refined flowers.

So I ask, what kind of woman do you feel: as a collectible, exquisite orchid, which is treasured, carefully looked after, creating conditions for it to bloom? Or a dusty curb flower that is planted by the thousands in dusty city flower beds?

Dear women, why not learn to feel like an exquisite, rare, expensive flower that needs special conditions for a gorgeous bloom? In any current conditions of life, no one and nothing can interfere with this. The only condition is your great desire to change and be happy.

Let’s move on to practice.
Having relaxed well, imagine yourself as a very rare, expensive, beautifully blooming flower. Alternatively, it can be a flower from your horoscope, a plant with a pretentious name, and, of course, with a large section “rules of care”. Try to get used to, feel into the life of this flower.

Imagine how you grow in a beautiful spot, in a greenhouse specially built for you, how your leaves are carefully looked after, the soil is nourished, and protected from excessive sun or drafts. Imagine how you release a long-awaited bud, and those around you are delighted with the beauty of the flower, melted with the scent. It is a great happiness to be by your side and admire you. Do not be afraid to overdo it in your fantasies, because no one sees it.

What’s next? I think many people had a question, where to get the greenhouse conditions of existence for themselves? Who should create them in real life? Parents? Maybe a husband? And if they are not, and if they do not want?

My answer is – start treating yourself as a rare, beautiful, demanding flower for living conditions, but beautifully blooming, giving goodness and peace to others, a flower.

As you treat yourself, so do those around you.
This attitude manifests itself in the little things. Would a woman who feels like, say, a tropical orchid of incredible beauty, poison herself with cigarette smoke? Throw in street fast food on the go? Living in a dirty house? Is it cute to smile in response to outright rudeness? To clog your heart with participation in gossip, criticism, condemnation of others?

At the beginning of your practice, ask yourself every minute: am I now an orchid or not an orchid? And please don’t be afraid! Do not be afraid that you will become a demanding selfish, selfish narcissist, capricious. Let go of yourself! Believe me, self-loving whims do not read articles on the topic of “how a woman can love herself,” so this does not threaten you. This is the first thing. And secondly, for a healthy sense of self and harmonious existence, healthy egoism and slight capriciousness for a woman is even beneficial.

Did you manage? Go ahead!

Boost your fantasies!
Draw your flower with paints, and yourself in the middle of the flower!

Hang the walls with pictures of this flower!

Buy a dress that will remind you of your beautiful flower!

Imagination has no boundaries!

If such a fantasy is very difficult for you, if the thoughts that you grew up, so to speak, not in a greenhouse and not among orchids, are oppressed, go further – think of a fairy tale about yourself about how a seed of a rare flower was accidentally blown into an ordinary flower bed by the wind, and a flower grew up not knowing his true nature. But a famous connoisseur of rare flowers passed by, noticed you, transplanted you into a beautiful pot, and settled among the same rare flowers like you.

See a rare, unique, beautiful flower not only in yourself. After all, your loved ones could also forget that they are beautiful flowers. This is a game, a fairy tale, an allegory. But the most realistic, believable, accurate. Because we are all unique on this planet, we are all beloved children of God, all deserving of the very best. You just need to remember, believe, return to your true nature. And it is better to do it quickly because there must still be time for a happy life!



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